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Gray molding commonly known as ash molding, used for the door head floating canopies, tile ridge, eaves, window frames, gable top, pavilions, the church, and so on. Its materials are applied with oyster shell, clam shell ash, bamboo paper (or straw), tung oil, to make a kind of tendon gray with rich fiber and toughness, to be used with copper wire, nails, tile tube and other auxiliary materials. Contents often vary from the turtle, dragon and Phoenix, bat, auspicious, landscapes, flowers and birds, light and shade, light and shade Eight Immortals.

The large-scale and multi-level three-dimensional gray molding on the roof is to open the edge tube, with copper wire as the trunk, stick and body, frame, to be made of single body shape, and then to shape the thin plastic objects appearance, along with lining other landscape decoration, combined into large and stereo image. Finally, it is  the painting, with the feudal etiquette thought set of grey and black as the keynote, to paint the scenes with a bright eye-catching color, to make it realistic. It is used for high building, with long distance of view, thick painting lines, strong color ratio, and particularly emphasis on effect, to have people under the eaves feel comfortable. 

In order to strengthen the outline of the gable, it is usually with black and white edge lines ornaments, following with semi relief in the form of the scrolled grass pattern decorative molding. The approach is to play nails on the wall with high floating pictures, with copper wire and having it implicated in paste tiles after the number of tendons grey, on the basis to mold the bas reliefs group. And on the gable facade frieze and both sides of the courtyard, it is often molded with birds or landscape painting, and part of both sides molded with painting and calligraphy, which make the rigid wall vivid and lively, to achieve an image of elegant and fairy like realm.