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Wood craving is based on different kinds of woods, which mainly applied into beam, arch, camel pier, cornices, screen, hanging collaterals, furniture etc., and with the materials of Pontianak, vitex, red sandalwood, rosewood, teak and other fine texture of hard wood. Its craving contents are mainly character, opera story, dragon and Phoenix, magpie, flower scrolls, fruit, Xiangyun landscape painting, flower and bird painting, calligraphy, and it even has the landscapes and figures, birds and flowers, animals, insects, fish, and various pattern centered in the same picture, with Chinese painting techniques of expression by the level of different scenes and scenes. Production process is very clear, which is divided into a blank, repairing, fine grinding, polishing, with the forms of relief, round relief, deep carving or engraving. And especially openwork carving is the most sophisticated one, which can integrate various forms on the picture, comprehensively hollowing out multiple levels, exhibiting complex subject matter and content.

Wood craving is famous for its ingenious skills with flexible design and reasonable layouts. The proportion on the pattern designs and decoration themes is moderate, the weight bearing mechanics also should be considered into the craving and deration, and if all of them are handled flexibly, the decoration functions can be showed out, e.g. sumac Doo carving vividly reflects the design, which not only realizes the load-bearing function and carves out the characters in the story and flower scrolls hollowed out, showing the full composition and balance, and let people to image the wonderful space. And the screen door is widely used through the carved decoration, which can effectively break the space constraints, reduce the space sense of closure, and then it is attached with the Calligraphy and a variety of patterns.