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Shawan, the birthplace of Guangdong music , is the place where the three Guangdong musical standouts of He family composed raining on Plantain, Dragon Boate Competition, hungry horse shaking Bell and so on, which are immortal chapter in music history. Shawan is one of the most active regions in Guangdong music history. Until now, it keeps the tradition of Qing Dynasty ”°private group”± instrumental performance.  Local art organizations like Liutang, Jin string, Group club have many communicating activities like giving performance in the whole year in order to exchange article and performance technics.

The Rain Hitting Banana Trees

The Rain Hitting Banana Trees is one of the most excellent earlier Guangdong music. Then it was changed into Qupai with unknown author. According to its research, it was delivered as conventional music score of He Liutang in He family. Therefore, it was recognized as the masterpiece of He Liutang.

The music score originally appeared in around 1917 of Song Must be Appreaciated, edited by Qiu Hechou. Later, it was adapted by Pan Yongzhang. It mainly spread in the delta area and have great impact on not only China but also the world.  Especially at the usage of musical instruments, it shows Guangdong musical characteristic like being smooth, natural and active.

Its melody is connected, graceful and lyric, expressed smoothly and clearly with strong singing skills. Besides, it also expressed the joy of the people and the poetic scenery of Lingnan. Adding a series of split short sentences, staccato rhythm, it sounds like the pitter patter of raindrop beating plantain. It leads us associate with the dancing shadow of plantain. Moreover, we will even think of the joy of people when they get a pleased harvest. Therefore, it shows the artistic conception with strong sentiment of Lingnan.