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He Qiyan, nick name with Ke Jian, the Panyu Shawan local, popular in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. He devoted his whole life on studying herbs, and hid to live in the hill Shawan Green Luo with his nephew He Jingxue, self-named Qing Luoshan. Chen Gongyin one of the three famous poets in Lingnan, wrote the poetry In Memorial of He Kejian and He Jingxue:

You are hiding to live in the east of sea cloud, around a small hill Qing Luo among other hundreds of peaks.

The two gentlemen get up to work in the early morning, and get rest after the sunset.

Fish at the river bank, and stay away from the disturbance of the city. 

I still feel the favor of your saving my life, and dreaming to meet you always. 

While being the doctor to cure the patients, he collected herbs information to write an early book on herbs in Guangdong Province, named The Introduction on Herbs Nature, introducing the experience on Cantonese herbs nature to cure, and 310 kind of herbs recorded in the book, consisted of 2 scrolls. The first chapter of the first scroll is about the Sequence Nature on Herbs, and the second scroll attached with eight prescriptions. The herbs recorded from the books mostly from the folks, with actual and genuine description, as a supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica. Once the book was completed, it was widely spread and applied. The reason why the 310 kinds of folk herbs in Guangdong Province could be reserved since Qing Dynasty is that the book has been inscribed several times. Later on, some extractions from the herbs book in Qing Dynasty, such as Chinese Materia Medica, The Herbs Collection in Ling Nian, comes exactly from the book The Introduction on Herbs Nature. 

He also wrote The Reference on Food and Herbs, including two scrolls, which comprehensively described and analyzed the medicine functions, toxicity and contraindication on daily food, fruit, and drinks, and providing important assistance and reference to domestic life. The book has been widely copied and respected by the society, and saved in the Sun Yat Sen Library of Guangdong Province. 

When celebrating his eightieth birthday, Chen Gongyin created a piece of poetry He Kejian¡¯s Eightieth Birthday for him:

There was a thatched cottage in the hill Green Luo, which was built by the hidden man. 

In spring, flowers all around the house, visitors full of around the house. 

Drinking and reading with visitors together. 

The owner is such a gentle and knowledgeable person, and looks like an immortal.

Fishing on the river bank, while he casually chatted with friends and laughing together.