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Paper Doll

Gong Zai (Paper Doll) is a kind of famous county doll in Lingnan, which is a piece of hard cardboard with drawing dolls on it. Gong Zai is in Cantonese, meaning figures. On the above of the cardboard like the size of a piece of paper is divided into twenty or thirty pictures (usually 25 formats), painted with a variety of characters, mostly drawn from the famous classical novels, comic books, films and television dramas, etc., such as the monk Tang and his apprentices in Monkey King, Yang Warriors, Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King, Sui Tang Heroes, as well as the ones from the novels by Jin Yong and other movie stars. Anyway, on the pictures all the figures are famous with the special profile, or the vivid fighting scenes, which are crafted and printed exquisitely, but some of them are raw and fuzzy and disliked by children.