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Aircraft Jump

Aircraft Jump is plyers jumping according to the figures on the ground graphics, which is usually biplane aircraft shape, sometimes house shape, or just lattices in the rectangular. The pattern is divided into several lattices (usually nine lattices), each with a figure. The players have to jump all figures by order. 

Rules: rules are different in various places, as well as the lattices shapes. Take the one in Hong Kong for example, the game starting from the first lattice:

The player will toss the bracelet (sometimes other similar object to replace it) into first lattice, and pick it up, and again the player will toss the bracelet into second and third lattice, later jump into first lattice with single jump, and then jump into the lattice before the one with bracelet to pick up the bracelet. The fourth / fifth and the seventh / eighth lattices are paralleled pairs as the plane wings. Players can stand into the two lattices when picking up the bracelet in the sixth or ninth lattices. When coming to the plan head in the ninth lattice, player should turn back after entering into the seventh and eighth lattices, then to grope the bracelet with hands. When proceeding above steps, players toss the bracelet outside the boundary, or lose the balance, so they lose the game. And it is next one¡¯s turn, repeated it again and again. When it comes to first player, he can start from the place where he lost the game last time.