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In oracle bone script, the character  looks like a piece of bow, in the middle of its string, which has a saccule to carry projectile, and whose shape is very popular in China. Our ancestors first invented the slingshot for shooting little stone or mud projectile, after further exploring, people applied the slingshot into archer. Thus the bow and arrow were created. Slingshot is a game nearly all boys have played ever and won¡¯t get tired of. In southern area, people are used to read the character  as Tan in Pin Yin. Crafting slingshot is not complicated, which mainly have three parts, i.e. wooden fork, elastic band, wrapping sheet. Common wooden fork is easy to prepare, but not the one with even bifurcation and smooth fork. The elastic band can be the rubber band, or the material from a bicycle inner tube, or the plastic skin for the sandals.