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Flipping Olive Nucleus

There are two ways to play the game Flipping Olive Nucleus, and the most common one is to choose the biggest one among the nucleus as the flipping tool, then it is to draw a circle on the ground or a half circle at the corner of the wall. And each player put equal amount of nucleus in the circle or half circle, next to draw a line away from the circle at certain distance, and each player stand outside the line to flip the nucleus in the circle by turn. If the nucleus is flipped outside the circle, it will be the player¡¯s. The player who get the most will be the winner. At the beginning of the game, the first one to play will be easy to get the most, so before the game begins, each must take the Stone Scissors Cloth game to decide the order of attending the game.

There is the other way to play, i.e. change the circle into a hole, put nucleus in it, and have the nucleus flipped out from the hole, the player who gets the most will win the game. There is another way to play which is like playing golf and snookers today, which is to flip the nucleus into the hole from certain distance, just like playing golf trying to have the bird into the hole or the snookers to have the ball into the pocket. It also has lots of rules, but generally depends on internal discussion, and the one who gets the most will win. The basic rules are the eyes and hands should co-work closely, firstly it should be aimed at the point precisely with the eyes, then the hands should be held stably, if not, the target will be missed; the proper flipping strength should be considered, with too much strength, and it will have less nucleus flipped out of the hole; with insufficient strength, the nucleus will not be flipped, even the main nucleus will be kept in the circle or hole, thus the main nucleus will become some else trophy.