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Spinning Gyro

Spinning gyro, commonly known as Whipping Wretch, is a traditional folk game. An ancient game for Chinese children, with a whip to strike and make it continuous spinning on the floor. With long history, it varies from porcelain type, wood type, bamboo type, stone type in terms of material, and mostly it is made of wood. The wood gyro is conical, big on top and small in the bottom with iron or steel ball at the end of cone.  When playing it, people have a rope around the gyro to enable it spinning on the ground, then whip it from time to time to make it rotating and non-stopping, if whipping it strongly it will turn faster, thus it is named Whipping Wretch.   

Spinning gyro was popular among the boys in 1940s, and it was named Unbeatable Gyro by the children in Lingnan due to being played non-stopping by skillful people, more strength on it, longer time it will last, therefore it was called Unbeatable Gyro.