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Former Residence of He Shaoxia

He Shaoxia is one of Guangdong musicians from The Hes Three Talents. His former residence is located in Bei Cun Ya Che Fang Po Jie Hui Yan Xiang No. 5, built in the Qing Dynasty. With granite stone for the foot,and  brick for the walls, this cottage is the typical three bedroom with two corridors structure. Total surface broad is 10.20 meters, and 10.30 meters for the length. The building area is 105.06 square meters. The front site is a small wood structured house, and the north on its back.  The east of the door is Hui Yan Xiang. The house was preserved well and occupied by Zhu Weisheng, the nephew of He Shaoxia. 

He Shaoxia (1894 - 1942), came from Panyu Shawan Town (now Shawan Zhen Bei Cun) Ya Zhong Fang, who was being a middle school teacher in Guangzhou, not only good at Canton music, but also skillful at Pipa, Three Stringed musical instrument, and other kinds of instruments playing, especially on the playing of Ten Fingers Pipa. Thus he was considered as Pipa King. He Shaoxia is one of the important composers in Guangdong music and opera, who created lots of Guangdong music.