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The Chinese Wood Furniture Museum (You Qi Tang)

It is located in You Chi Tang No.6 Che Bei Street. The Chinese Wood also is called Gloomy Wood, or Gray Wood by Shu people. It was the rare tree from the original forest for thousands and even ten thousands of years old, with sudden and huge geographic variation which was buried in the river, lake and other low-lying places, after a long time, it was carbonized, so it enjoys the reputation of Plant Mummy. The wood was called Oriental Wood by foreigners, with the elegance of wood and the charm of stone which is the fine choice for producing arts and furniture. In ancient times, the government officials and the rich would love to collect them as the treasures of protecting the house and avoiding evils. Thus there was a saying that a box of jewelry is not comparable with a piece of gray wood. The museum displays fine furniture and art works which were made of Chinese Wood, and very precious.