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The Porcelain Museum on The water Margin Story (Chi Chang Tang)

The Porcelain Museum on The water Margin Story "is located in Che Po Street No. 8 Chi Chang hall, which completely show visitors the national gift porcelain. In 1951, Jingdezhen Jianguo Porcelain Company led other porcelain talents and designers to produce the porcelain on Water Margin Story, and created three sets, one of which was given to Soviet Stalin by the party and country leader Chairman Mao and enshrined in the Soviet Union National Museum, the second one was demanded by other people and kept separately; the third one was bought by a entrepreneurs with a large sum of money, and was willing to show visitors in the museum. 

The works were produced based on the Water Margin 108 typical story, which are rare products in China. The vivid characters were created on the 108 porcelains with Untitled Poem Sequence and Punish- Postscript disks with total 110 sets. They are displayed according to the order of "three 16 Big Dippers" and "72 Sonuz" arrangement, like a magnificent porcelain painting scroll, fully demonstrated the traditional characteristics of the Chinese nation and superb ceramic technology level.