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Ancient Decorative Art Gallery (Zhen Nan Ci)

Shawan Zhen Nan Ci (temple), located in No.20, Anning Street , was the branch of Hes ancestral temple, and now is used as Shawan ancient architecture decoration art museum. There are many ancestral halls, temples and traditional houses kept in Pearl River Delta and the traditional settlement preservation area. In terms of decoration, the cravings, such as brick craving, wood carving, stone carving, are rich in colors and contents with excellent skills, which is a miracle in Guangdong style architectures. The decoration craft men in Shawan mostly come from counties, such as Shawan, Zini, Sanshang, Guba. This gallery through the exhibition of Three Cravings and One molding to have the visitors experience the unique essence and charm in ancient architecture and decoration art.