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Guangdong Music Memorial Hall (San Ren Ting)

San Ren Ting was one of the birth place for Canton music, located in No.7 Anning Xi Jie, Bei Cun village, built in Jianqing regime in Qing Dynasty. From late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China with hundred years, San Ren Ting has become the gathering place for elits from Guangdong music, the Folk Art Community, as well as the music hall for Shawan. The musicians, such as He Bozhong, He Liutang, He Yunian, He Shaoxia, often invited music fans to gather here to study, create music or exchange experience. Lots of famous music, such as The Rain Hitting Banana Trees, Dragon Boat Fighting for Champion, was created during the period.  Today, San Ren Ting has naturally become the Guangdong music memorial hall, through the museum's exhibition and presentation, allowing visitors to appreciate the authentic Guangdong music.