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No.1 Family Inn

The Shawan Family Inn was reconstructed from the ancient architectures into unique residency for visitors, which make them experience the staying inside ancient town in persons. No.1 Family Inn is located inside Che Bei Jie Heng Xiang, the main street in Shawan Ancient Town, Panyu, Guangzhou. It is next to some exhibition halls in Che Bei Jia, such as Academician He Binglin Memorial Hall, Water Margin Story Porcelain Gallery, Chinese Wood Furniture Museum, He Shaoxia Residency. The decoration inside the inn is exquisite and elegant with typical Lingnan style. We are dedicated to make the details perfect. The rooms with furniture, electric appliance, and living grocery with over 800 years of ancient town styles. The visitors staying in the inn can feel the charm of the cultural town impressively. No.1 Family Inn has 4 bedrooms, and guests can enjoy the whole views of ancient town inside some rooms. Looking out from the window, guests can appreciate the unique architectures of Lingnan, such as wok-ear like roof, brick craving, clay molding. No.1 Family Inn has 4 bedrooms with double beds and king size bed, catering to different guests. In addition, the most unique feature is the inn with two common living rooms, which is rare in other hotels. The purpose is to keep the original status of the daily life, to create a family atmosphere for guests. Together with parent-children travel, groups travel, or business travel, all the travelers can sit together, feel free to talk, and meet new friends. Even the single traveler can share the interesting experience and feelings in Shawan Ancient Town with the new friends in the living rooms.  

The Family Inn in Shawan Ancient Town, is your best choice and will provide you impressive experience in your journey.

Family Inn is waiting for your staying sincerely!