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Dangdang Wonton

When it comes to traditional Canton rice rolls, you must come to have it in Xiguan, Guangzhou. While talking about wonton, you must come to Shawan for it.

Dangdang wonton shop, it learned from Master Wonton with over hundred years old. It always has been with thick soup, full fillings, fresh taste and thin wrapper. One bite with one wonton, you can taste the whole wonton in a time. Besides with traditional Goldfish wonton, there is another characteristic shape, such as a wonton like Ox Horn. The first reason is that in ancient times local people in Shawan raised water buffalos generally, so wonton also is wrapped like a horn. It is said that one is because of the ancient Shawan water buffalo farms generally. Therefore, wonton also is wrapped into a horn. The second reason is that Shawan people like drinking with fried wonton drinks, and have it folded into a horn shaped wonton to fry which taste more crisp, fragrant and sweet.