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Shawan Buffalo Milk

In Qing Dynasty, the Wang Family in Xi Cun village in Shawan started to raise buffalos, which produce fine milk, and became the famous Shawan Milk in Guangzhou area. Buffalo milk contains fat, protein, lactose, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, whose nutrition content are higher than the ordinary milk. With buffalo milk as the raw material, local people from Shawan has created a series of special food related to buffalo milk, such as Ginger Milk, Phoenix Milk Paste, White Milk Cake, Milk Solids. In order to fully effect the functions of milk, such as tonic blood and spirit, benefiting lung and stomach and introducing saliva and intestines, local people add other ingredients into milk, to create delicious dishes with food and treatment value, such as dark chicken stewed with milk, fired milk, ginger leek milk soup.